Saturday, December 01, 2012

Settle down it will all be clear

Its not a secret that i love photography. I love amateur photography. One of my dreams from the past, other than doing my scuba license was to properly learn how to fully utilize my camera and take lots and lots of pictures.
But alas with the invention of iPhone which has an amazing built in camera i rarely touch my old SLR anymore.
I would like to believe that i have an eye for this sort of thing, some people have praised my pictures on Facebook etc but i wish i had pursuit it further.

Its not so much the problem of dragging the SLR around or taking thousands of pictures, but its the downloading of the pictures onto the computer, then scrutinizing, selecting and eventually uploading.
Its just too much work. With the smartphone, its snap and post. Piece of cake!

Its December  and i should start my annual reminiscing soon, else it will be the New Year again.
Just in case i don't do that before the Mayan's prediction come true let me just say that i have had the most... THE MOST amazing year ever!
Milestones jumped and countries traveled (multiple countries!!!)
thank you God for such a wonderful year and may i never stray from your straight path and forever be in your light. Amen

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