Sunday, March 01, 2015


After a whirlwind of activities the last 2 weeks, the big family has left and the house is empty again except for the two of us and our individually owned cats. 
The feeling is a mixture of very little relief and a lot of emptiness as I miss having their company. 
Sometimes I wish we could all live together in a big mansion and choose when we want to spend time together and have big communal meals.. the sort.  But alas the complexity of human relationships does not allow long periods of exposure between family members as there will be bound to be tiffs and unpleasant exchanges. Thus gatherings are normally conveniently limited to short time frames. 
Still I wished we met more often and everyone lived nearer... But such is life..*sigh* 

Alhamdulillah I've completed an amazing spiritual journey that I wish I had the right words to share it with but that shall need a whole entry on its own, if I ever do have the time to write. 

Anyway wishing your long CNY holiday was as fulfilling as mine and apologies for the hiatus. 

Love and blessings

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

strawberry fields

Praying for a quiet day without the boss breathing down my neck for analysis, slide decks and reviews (urgh) so that I can finally do things that I love.

Data crunching and pricing.

Data is so sexy i could marry it.


(ok not kidding! I love data/numbers.. but kidding about the marriage thing :P)

Friday, November 14, 2014


I think I'm a little (read : very) judgmental. And you will hate me for saying this.. but one of my favourite authors (let's call her author today) finally showed her face and it turned out that she is ugly.

I always half expect that people who write beautiful lyrical entries to look like JK Rowling.

 I know. I am a horrible women who has fallen to pressures of social standards where everyone has to look like Miranda Kerr, tall and blond like Taylor Swift but yet sound witty and sarcastic like
Ellen Paige in Juno.


Monday, November 03, 2014


I think women in general like tall men.

But I think men in general like tall women too, if not why would all the boys flock around the models right?

I'm pretty sure not for their small non existing breasts.

Monday, October 06, 2014

I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun

I burnt as bright as the shiniest star in the sky.. but even then its STILL not enough. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

dari dapur Kakak KD

The thing i love about this blog is other than the fact that I get to ramble on like a lunatic without people judging me (knowingly.. since I don't really know any of you [three] readers) but it also acts as my personal diary for important life events AND favourite recipes. 

I'm at MIL's again today and since I don't really have anything significant to do and the fact that I know MIL is a big fan of sweet things, I have made my ever so famous ( ha ha ) apple crumble...

and u know what? the recipe I keep coming to is the one I keep here!

Seriously girls this recipe is idiot proof. You cannot get it wrong! I've made it time and time again. It has yet to fail me. The only few times that I got it wrong was when I either slightly over or under cook it but taste wise it is just perfect. You can even scale it depending on how many people u want to serve it to. I've made a big batch for the in laws and my parents once and all I did was double the recipe.

Anyway today I want to share and keep for future reference some simple and interesting vegan + vegetarian  recipes I found on the net. Don't worry I have yet to turn into one but I have tried a few vegetarian dishes like veggie burgers  at Goodburger (NYC), Delicious OU and vegetarian lasagna in Singapore and they were superb. It didn't feel like u missed anything because the tastes were good and the meal fulfilling.

I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver and he introduced the concept of meat free Mondays in his series. This doesn't mean u go stark vegetarian but instead of the typical protein of chicken or meat, you cook using seafood, fish or plant based proteins. Not only animal agriculture consumes a lot of our natural resources like water and land but the current methods of meat production contribute to high level of green houses gasses.... but captain planet aside, there has been a lot of known implications of consuming too much meat in your diet so having one night a week of no meat would do you good.

I have tried making vegetarian lasagna before using pumpkin ( tastes just like a normal beef lagsana!) and vegetarian spaghetti; both turned out fine and tasty. So my next project that I want to try is making vegetarian burgers (using chick peas, beans, sweet potatoes) and a vegetarian shepards pie. So below are some of the recipes that I'm dying to try and want to keep for later use:

(mind u I have not tried any of them yet so I can't attest to whether they will taste or turn out OK)

Chickpea burger :

Vegan burger:
Using sweet potatoes and bean:

vegan sheapards pie

Selamat mencuba and happy cooking!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cinta lama

I know this is getting a little old but every time I see someone blogging about London, an instagram picture of the city or anything that has to do with this city I love, I get a little melancholy.

I stumbled upon this girl on tumblr who I'm pretty sure she's gonna be famous one day. She's friends with this Razlan Shah dude ( some indie singer or somthin ) and she's going to Berkley school of music in January(!) but she travels around to London and New York for some music festivals and I love her creativity. In the old days her blog is the kind that I would immerse myself in for hours .. looking at the pretty pictures and reading her mushy, slightly lyrical posts.

But I'm a big girl now. Stalking shall be restricted to weekends. (-:

 On a different note, I miss u guys! I miss this space. I kid you not but I have at least 2 draft posts in my Notes app  that I just could not be bothered to write it out back properly. malas nak memikirkan ayat ayat lengkap yg grammar nye lebih kurang ok ha ha.

Regardless... I miss you sunnylittlesquare and I will try to visit more often,
(I guess thats also one of the reasons I love to read blogs that are on the artsy side.. they inspire me! )