Friday, August 08, 2014

Visiting the past

Every now and then when I have time to giveaway, I visit my ghosts from the past.

And I get inspired and feel thankful for the present.


no words can describe.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Betul betul ni pakcik

Fasting during non- Ramadhan is always extra hard. That's why normally I try to skip a day in between fasting so that i don't binge or crave unnecessary things.

But since I have a gazillion days (exaggerating sangat) to qadha this year and also due to the lack of lunch partners I decided to be more diligent in this first week and fast 2 days in a row.

Now I want all sorts of delicious food and feel like I can eat a horse.

ah.... Chobaaan.....

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello World

It's been a while since I babbled here. 29 days to be exact, according to Biasa lah Ramadhan has that effect on you where you have little time to do other things than work, balik jam, masak, short work out, buka puasa, sembahyang terawikh, layan tv sat, tidur, bangun awal sahur, subuh, Quran time, short nap, work and the cycle continues.

Since my last post it is now the 4th day of Syawal and if I may say this year I prepared for Eid like a giddy little school girl. Stocking up on mercun and bunga api (I kid you not, this year we had SO much fireworks it could cover 5 years of Raya), the obligatory kuih raya making and the slightly different from previous years; the last minute baju raya shopping. ( I didn't intend to buy a new outfit at first but caved in to social pressure at the very last hour haha)

Alhamdulillah I managed to continue  last year's momentum for Ramadhan this year, so no regrets on the ibadah front i guess. Of course there's always room for improvement but if it wasn't for the monthly women's issues I would have had a quite a fulfilling Ramadhan. I have decided that for Ramadhan, if I cant do a lot than i have to at least do more than the previous year and thankfully this year that was the case. 

Work is improving so far  and I blame that for not updating this space more frequently. I've noticed i tend to write more when I'm depressed and since things are looking up I dont need to vent so much LoL.

Anyway Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2014 and wishing that your Syawal is as amazing as mine.

On different note, takziah to a dear friend who lost his father yesterday on the third day of Raya. May his father rest in peace and his family stay strong in these trying times.

Al fatihah.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sebak di dada tiada siapa yg tahu (chewah)

A friend posted this on our whatsapp group and now I miss feta cheese, tomato basil with mozzarella, blackberries, sweet cherry tomatoes, mueller corners and all the amazing food at John Lewis' and M&S' food court ��.

Masa study dulu tak mampu dan tak terpikir pon nak membeli belah di sana sb yerla duit is better used for phone bills yg menggunung , sewa rumah dan belanja harian. Dah kerja and lebih berkemampuan ni tak de peluang pulak nak membeli sgt sb they're all perishibles and tak boleh bawak balik Malaysia. :-( 

After holiday depression is hard :-(. Im forever thankful for the 9 wonderful days abroad and I'm not complaining one bit .. I just have a little trouble coping the aftermath. Thats all...


Monday, June 02, 2014

It's been a long time coming

I wish I could make beautiful videos like you.
and take stunning non pretentious non hipster wanna be photos.

But until then.. I shall keep on posting and keep on on trying.

Just the right time for me to pick up the camera back.

but until then.. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

The downside is just your ego.

I'm always thankful that every time I am having second thoughts or when I'm a little down, God sends me a helpline in the form of an Amerian Indian man and some interview transcript.

Jay: Think about anybody, you’re young, you don’t have any kids. I’ve got seven that are older than you. So the first time a child tries to walk, or talk, or eat, or poo-poo, or ride a bicycle, what happens?
Ramit: They fail.
Jay: It’s a nightmare.
Ramit: Yeah.
Jay: And if somebody doesn’t support them, re-encourage them, put them back on the horse. So it’s almost like the statistical probability is you are going to fail. It’s almost this, this is an aside, but I laugh all the time when people say “Well I’m calling people, and I’m just getting their voicemail” when they’re trying to sell anything, or make contact. And I go “Well, statistically what do you expect? Most people have no plan on getting a voicemail, they’re shocked.”
Ramit: Yeah.
Jay: I have, my strategies, I expect to get a voicemail. So it’s a way of critical thinking, and most people aren’t very good critical thinkers.
Ramit: Well what I’m hearing you say, like being realistic is the most critical part of it. When you first start, expect to fail.
Jay: Yeah.
Ramit: You’re not going to be great. But if you walk, and saying as we say “It’s not a failure, it’s a test.” We tested part one, didn’t work, great let’s move on to the next strategy, oh that doesn’t work? Move on to the next one. And like you said, you ran 33 tests with that furniture company. If you had walked away with the first one saying “I’m just not good at this” that would have been the end of the game.
Jay: Well here’s what people don’t realize, and I learned this very early in my life, and it was profound. That if you, that you, and I don’t have the right to make any decision ourselves unless we want mediocrity, or a suboptimal outcome. We have the obligation, the privilege to ask the market, that means a test. You can test a lot of suppositions.
I mean I can get into variability, and you know more probably than I do, but I’ve been exposed to millions, and billions of millions of dollars of variable tests, but most of these people don’t realize you can test a lot of suppositions, and the downside is just your ego. Who cares? 

Ramit: Yeah. Yeah.
Jay: Who cares? If you look at the, I mean, here’s the irony, let’s look at the ultimate testers. Let’s look at the venture capitalists, they’re testing 25 companies to find one that might win, and they’re happy with that. Why should you think that you’re brighter than they are? Why should you think I’m going to hit it on the first, I mean that’s delusional, and it’s beating yourself up unnecessarily.