Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 is your year

Finally someone who agrees with me! Things i have beem drilling my girlfriends with. For once its coming from an (sort of) expert opinion.

Dont blame the universe if your single, jobless or fat.

I may not be looking for a man. But i am looking for a job. So i will need to apply the same methods but for different reasons.

And for my gal pals out there who are still looking for the perfect boy or has a guy who is not treating u right. This article is like a splash of cold water

"Why not become truly IRRESISTIBLE by becoming more skilled, more attractive, more truly understanding their hopes/fears/dreams, and by becoming so popular they can’t help but want you?"

Since im typing on my iphone .. No fancy clicking..
just copy and paste the link people!

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